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  1. 30 Nov, 2018
    Cybersecurity – Inside or Outside Threat? Does it matter?
    Cybersecurity has always been about defending attackers from getting into one’s environment – the egg notion of perimeter defense:  hard on the outside but soft inside.  It is easier when there is a clear office environment with one’s own data centers.  One just needs to have the right networking equipment such as the Cisco switch and routers, with redundancy, working with a good wide area network provider that offers classes of services and VPNs to have a clear network topology.  You put
  2. Cybersecurity – Lessons from the Notpetya Cyberattack
    04 Sep, 2018
    Cybersecurity – Lessons from the Notpetya Cyberattack
    I recently read a very interesting article about the fallout from the Notpetya cyberattack in 2017.  Estimated losses from that attack were in the billions.  Maersk alone lost an estimated $870 million in revenue due to the complete take down of its networks and computers.  The attack was believed to originate from Russia aimed at disabling Ukraine’s infrastructure, but the execution of the attack had far reaching and global consequences.  It makes one wonder where WWIII will take place as
  3. Cybersecurity –  Adding the Offensive Play to the Cybersecurity Posture
    21 Aug, 2018
    Cybersecurity – Adding the Offensive Play to the Cybersecurity Posture
    For most companies, cybersecurity defense is static, similar to a fort with a moat around it as the mean of deterrent.  The fort, although well-guarded, nonetheless advertises to all the hackers “here I am, attack me!”.  Unfortunately, this particular defense strategy may be able to stop the run of the mill attackers (or the hackers want to be); but for the evasive ones, it is quite a laughable defense.  It is not only about securing your fort, it is also about making it invisible to
  4. Cybersecurity – Face it, we all get hacked!
    15 Oct, 2017
    Cybersecurity – Face it, we all get hacked!
    Alibaba just announced that they are starting a pilot payment system that is based on your face.  You stand in front of the payment platform and the machine scans your face. Based on the photo(s) you uploaded, the machine will determine if the person standing in front is the ‘real’ you and deduct the payment amount from your account.  This way, you don’t need to bring a wallet, remember your password, or swipe a credit card.  It’s all done automatically as if you are taking a selfie!  Apple’s
  5. 21 Sep, 2017
    Privacy – What Privacy? It’s just an illusion!
    Not too long ago I had a conversation with a millennial about features required for an app that I was developing.  She made it clear that all the photos uploaded need to be publicly viewable but the owner should be able to block anyone she doesn’t like from seeing the photos.  I asked her ‘how do you know the person you just blocked wouldn’t create a new ID to see your photos’?  She was stunned at my question and she said “well, at least I’ll have a sense of privacy’.  I then said “you do
  6. 10 Sep, 2017
    Virtual Reality – How will it impact us?
    Recently I stayed over at a friend’s house and we watched a movie ‘The Shining’ by Jack Nicolson.  It was a classic horror movie which I had seen years ago.  However, this time I found the pace of the movie to be quite slow.  I don’t remember feeling that way the first time I watched the movie.  Every scene was very well acted and the director took his time setting up the story but part of me couldn’t help thinking ‘hurry up, just move it along…’.  It got me wonder why I didn’t appreciate the
  7. 22 Aug, 2017
    Virtual Reality – The New Wild Wild West?
    Recently I met up with a friend who was in the gaming industry for most of his life, and we discussed virtual reality (VR) - should it or shouldn’t it and when will it become a reality.  We agreed that the technologies necessary to make virtual reality a reality are already here, they are just too costly for the mass market right now.  Somewhere in the depth of our military, soldiers are training in VR.  The fact is just because we can create virtual reality, should we develop it for the mass
  8. 12 Aug, 2017
    Virtual Assistants - How do you like yours?
    If you have the opportunity to look into future, what do you think you will see or what would you want to see?  Now that iPhone has officially turned 10 years old, most people look back at how the society has changed and what the impact iPhone and related technologies have had on us – humanoids.  I want to look forward and see what the world will look like in the future with all the technologies enabling and changing our daily lives.