Creative Technology Group
Innovative Adoption of Technology
 At Creative Technology Group, our services are founded on the belief that an enterprise’s mission and purpose should manifest in all facets of its operation. We focus on quantitative measurement, market insight, and maximizing technology benefit. We help clients form successful and innovative solutions that meet more than market challenges “du jour”.  Our mission is to provide clients scalable frameworks for the judicious adoption of technology that is RELEVANT to the enterprise, NIMBLY ADAPTABLE to change, and enabling key strategic or operational ADVANTAGEs.

In a typical engagement, we identify those assets and capabilities critical to achieving key business goals – and align technology strategy/implementation to enable those same goals.  Whether building a unified communications strategy, creating and implementing an enterprise wide digital media strategy, or enabling the operational efficiency of overall IT implementation, our aim is to create unique, enduring, and differentiated advantage for our clients.

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